Greetings, and welcome to the digital home to my final project for the Pratt SILS E-Publishing Course at University College London, held June 15-26, 2009. This blog format serves as the primary delivery platform for all the components required for the course: the journal, the literature review, and the final paper, which investigates how people read and interact with text online.

I’ve also included a downloads page that includes a .pdf version of each site section to allow users of this blog the option to print and read the contents from a paper-based source. Given that almost all of the content presented on this blog adopts narrative, expository format, I wanted to provide a choice that would make engaging with the text I’ve written as easy and barrier-free as possible.

This blog makes generous use of links to external websites, documents, and other rich media sources. Please note that selecting any link to an external site will launch a new window or browser tab.